Beercan Grilled Chicken Enchiladas

This one takes a day (24 hours) to do it justice. It is super-healthy, and good for low-fat and low-salt diets.

Start by grilling a whole hen, we prefer the beer can chicken method. Get the skin crisp, but meat not overcooked (very important)!

While the chicken is cooking, place 2 bunches of green onions and 3-5 poblano peppers in a sink of cool soapy water. Let them soak 30-50 minutes, and then rinse thouroughly. Use a cloth to wipe peppers in the rinse.

In a large stewpot, pour the chicken broth (32 oz, low salt) in. Using scissors, cut small segments of 2 bunches of green onions and your 3-5 poblano peppers. Push the seeds off the pepper stem into the mix. With these 3 ingredients, put the stewpot on medium heat. Add the 24 ounces of Light sour cream and stir often! This forms a wonderful base. You will achieve a slow boil, and need to make sure nothing sticks to the pot by constant stirring. No oil or salt is needed.

After the grilled hen is done, remove the skin and throw it away! Use the heat of the chicken to pull off chunks and pieces. Every piece of meat you take from the chicken, use scissors to cut into tiny bites, as small as possible. Use the whole hen to extract meat to dice into the slow-boiling broth. Keep stirring and keep the heat on medium for a slow boil. The chicken and vegetable start to combine and need extra stirring attention for at least TWO (2) hours.

The base and chicken should start out like a soup, and slow simmer into a gravy with the medium heat and stirring. After 2 hours, add TWO (2) cups pico de gallo (home made or from your store’s produce section)and THREE (3) Cans black beans. (Most of the salt from this dish comes from the canned black beans.) Continue stirring for another hour, or as long as it takes to cook down from a soup to a gravy texture. Optionally, add corn (off the cob fresh, never canned) and jalapenos as the mix cooks down slowly.

When a gravy texture is achieved over time (stir stir stir), continue stirring as you turn the heat off and move the pot off the burner. Keep stirring another hour.

When the pot is cool, put it in the fridge overnight.

Next day, take the pot out of the fridge an hour before dinner, and get out the tortillas and deep dish pan(s). We like to use the disposable aluminum pans, and line them inside with heavy duty foil. Using a large (chuck wagon style) spoon, glop out a generous portion into the center of a tortilla. We prefer 100% wheat tortillas, which turns the enchilada into a super-burrito! Fold and line them up into your pan. The cooled mixture will help get the portions you are after, per tortilla.

With the rolled enchiladas in the pan, cover the them with one 8 ounce bag of quesadilla cheese. Take the last cup of pico de gallo and pour it down the middle of the pan on top of the cheese. Spread it out a little. Finally, top with the last bag of quesadilla cheese.

Pop in the over 30-40 minutes at 350 degrees. Enjoy!

The remaining mix freezes well in your plastic containers, so you can later thaw and have a fresh batch ready to spoon into tortillas.